VELOCIraptor is a C++ halo finder using MPI and OpenMP APIs. The repository also contains several associated analysis tools in python, example configuration files and analysis python scripts (and sample jupyter notebooks). The code can also be compiled as a library for on-the-fly halo finding within an N-body/hydrodynamnical code. Currently integration is limited to SWIFTSIM but extensions are in the works for other codes.

There is an associated halo merger tree code TreeFrog (also C++ MPI+OpenMP).

If you are using VELOCIraptor please cite the following paper, which describe the code in full:

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If using VELOCIraptor for galaxy finding, please also cite:

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The original idea, which also discusses the identification of tidal debris is in:

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An online entry can also be found at NASA’s ADS service.